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Why Point A

As a strategic agency, we believe that every role has an important part to play in driving business growth for our clients, and every voice matters. With us, you’ll get to be part of a truly collaborative team of entrepreneurially-minded people who are committed to doing great work.


Our remote-first policy is at the core of growing the team. As long as you have a desk and great WIFI, go for it. Work better in a coworking space with a bit of buzz? It’s on us.

In our industry, it’s important to stay on top of trends, competition, and whatever new updates Google decides to throw out. To that end, we prioritise a portion of company resources to ongoing professional development for each team member regardless of seniority. When you’re learning, we all win.

Employee Testimonials


“Starting my career at Point A gave me invaluable experience in learning how different parts of a business operate and work together. Being expected to innovate and take responsibility right away, while receiving the support and resources of a great team, put me on a fast learning curve that set me up for continued success.”

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“Point A has opened up a vast scope of opportunities for me as I have started my professional design career. What I have valued most about the company is its continual push toward success, while doing so in a nurturing environment. Persistent growth is the name of the game when it comes to Point A, helping its employees flourish in both personal and professional aspects.”

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Current Openings at Point A

Junior Strategist

If you’re fascinated by how all the pieces of the marketing puzzle fit together, this might be the position for you.

We’re looking for a highly energetic, enthusiastic team player who is willing to get stuck in with helping our clients clarify and execute their marketing strategy.

Must have a bachelors or experience in marketing, preferably in a strategic role.

We all wear several hats, so bonus points if you can dabble in:


Google Ads & Analytics


If you’re interested in hearing more about the role, please email us your CV.

Department: Strategy

Where we are

We’ve intensely streamlined our internal systems and operations, heavily invested in our tech offering, and made sure we have a great team to start scaling as a business. Some big projects that showcase our range are in the works, and we are so excited to start showing the world what we can do.

Where we want to be

We’re looking at expanding our client base into Europe and the US, while growing our core team in South Africa. As we develop our capacity for more complex tech projects, this will ideally reflect in our approach to sales.

Where we're improving

To make sure our team’s productive time isn’t eaten up as we grow and take on new clients, we ensure strict “no meeting mornings” at least three days per week. Meetings do tend to creep up, but we are always working hard to ensure time for deep, focused work is protected.